FTR Gold Annotation Suite V6.4 released

FTR recently released its latest version of FTR Gold Annotation Suite featuring dual licensing options, a range of enhancements, and easy installation allowing simplified upgrades from previous versions.

With the new dual licensing feature, customers will be able to activate Annotation Suite using either a site license or a machine license. New machine licenses allow customers to continue using the license on the same machine after an OS upgrade or a hard-drive reformat.

This latest version also features improved contrast on FTR Player channel select buttons whereby the lights stay on a little longer and are brighter to indicate a quieter signal. Users can also retain the last position of the FTR Player and Video window, and choose a resolution while reformatting a .trm file to WMF (Windows Media File) format.

FTR Gold Annotation Suite is available for purchase online on the FTR Store.