Access court transcripts for Alberta Courts quickly, easily and securely online.

As a service provider to Alberta Courts, For The Record is offering Court officials, attorneys and litigants the ability to access court transcripts quickly, easily and securely online.

FTR’s online platform where Court users can easily order, pay for and access court transcripts on-line.

  1. Register for your FREE account here.
  2. Place an order for a certified transcript.  Upon placing your order, you will receive an estimate and provide credit card details for a secure payment hold (This will appear on your statement as FTR).
  3. Wait for the Court to review and process your request.  If approved, the job will be assigned to a court reporter who will produce your transcript.
  4. The court reporter will upload the completed transcript and confirm the final fee through the platform.
  5. The final payment amount will then be confirmed and charged to the credit card on file.  The transcript is then delivered to the requestor via the platform.