Auscript introduces online transcript ordering and new website

The introduction of an interactive online court transcript ordering service, complete with order management, will see regular and one-off users of Auscript’s court transcription services create, track and trace their transcript jobs without having to lift a finger from their keyboards.

The MyAuscript initiative has been a long-time goal for Auscript’s two founders CEO and Managing Director Peter Wyatt and Executive Director and Court Record Solutions President Tony Douglass.
“The MyAuscript concept has been missing from court reporting, not just here but around the world for too long. Having a system that empowers our customers to do business with us on their on time and on their own terms means efficiencies can be realised across the board.

“MyAuscript is more than just a form: it’s integrated into Auscript’s back office systems, so client requests feed directly into our production system (Cortex). This means orders enter production faster and the risk of human error is drastically reduced.

Business Services Manager Kate Gaske, who runs Auscript’s Client Services operation, can see real benefits for clients in the new, online enabled Auscript.

“Many of our clients are involved in matters heard over multiple days. With MyAuscript they can use an existing order as a template via the ‘Place Similar Order’ function, and the function copies the existing order details into a new order and the client simply updates the fields that need changing (usually just a date or turnaround). The benefit is they don’t have to spend valuable time typing out information that is already in the system.

As well as simplifying existing processes, MyAuscript introduces some new ones. Like order status tracking.

“We looked at what the big logistics companies do as far as keeping their clients in the loop, and the similarities between what we do every day and what they do was very clear. We have clients who need quality service in a narrow timeframe. Because it’s time-sensitive, it’s in everyone’s interests to know that the job is on track. In our case, people naturally want to know that the transcript will be there on schedule as Judges and Barristers are waiting for them. Order status tracking lets MyAuscript users log in and track and trace their orders without even making a call. If they have a question whilst online, they can use the integrated Live Chat feature to talk with our support staff instantly.

In another first for Auscript clients can now pay for transcripts and manage their credit card details online.

Douglass is optimistic about the future of online technologies in court reporting.

“We haven’t seen an implementation like this anywhere in the world in this space – where there is automation and intelligence behind the processes. It’s just the beginning of a more accessible court record – we’re already working on the next version.

MyAuscript is free to use, and users can register here.

The service has been in restricted use since early 2012.

MyAuscript was developed by Auscript’s sister company, Court Record Solutions.