Welcome to the El Dorado County Superior Court digital content ordering portal

To order a transcript, click on the Order a transcript button to access the online transcript ordering portal. You will be asked to register your details with For The Record’s online transcript ordering portal and provide a credit card to securely pay for the transcript.

Upon ordering a transcript, a cost estimate will be provided for your acceptance and a pre-authorization hold for this amount will be placed on your credit card.

Cost estimates are partially based on the length of the proceeding requested to be transcribed. To improve accuracy in the cost estimate, please provide as close to exact times that the hearing took place as possible.

Fee Waivers: Eligibility for fee waivers need to be directed to El Dorado Superior Court.

Appeals: If you require a transcript of an electronic recording for an Appeal, please contact the Court’s Appeals Division directly at (530) 621-6430.

Important Information:

  • Transcripts are available for electronically recorded court proceedings in select courtrooms from June 2020 onwards.
  • For terms and conditions regarding For The Record services, click here
  • For technical questions or concerns regarding For The Record’s online platform, please contact order-support@fortherecord.com or access the online For The Record help center.