FTR Gold 5.7 puts high-quality recordings within reach of all courtrooms

The latest software release from For The Record (FTR), FTR Gold 5.7, achieves broadcast-quality audio and video recordings of proceedings while keeping file sizes manageable.

FTR Gold 5.7 now enables courts to record up to eight channels of audio and 4 channels of HD video at up to 48kHz/16-bit for audio and up to 1080p for video.

FTR’s VP Product and Marketing Strategy Hamish Wyatt said this increase in recording quality translates into negligible storage impact for audio while HD video can be recorded and stored with appropriate system design and planning.

“We recommend that storage conscious users set up FTR Gold 5.7 to record at 32kHz/16-bit as an improvement over the previous FTR standard of 22.05kHz/16-bit,” he said.

“This change alone will provide a very noticeable audio quality improvement with only a 33 percent increase in file size.  What’s more, recording managers can record up to CD quality of 44.1kHz/16-bit and as high as 48kHz/16-bit if desired.

“What’s of benefit is the new FTR standard of 32kHz/16-bit will deliver a better quality playback experience without unjustifiable storage demands for system administrators.”

The new release offers all of FTR Gold’s existing functionality such as easy annotation and playback, and advanced security and access that now come included in every FTR Gold license.

FTR customers will benefit from unmatched efficiencies including easier access to recordings, secure playback, simplified content management, full visibility and control. The higher quality audio and video also enhances the opportunity for faster and more accurate transcript production.

IP cameras are supported in this release using the ONVIF standard, with customer feedback showing a strong preference for this HD video format due to its familiarity and easy installation and support across large-scale implementations without the need for additional specialist AV switchers and converters. Support for PCIe and USB will be available in the near future.

“With this release of FTR Gold 5.7, we’ve made fundamental changes that improve the day-to-day experience of our 27,000 users worldwide, whilst maintaining the familiar look and feel that is unmistakably FTR Gold,” he said.

FTR Gold 5.7 is being offered via a 14 day trial or upgrade.  Users can sign up for the FREE trial or request pricing from FTR or through an FTR Partner.

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