FTR Gold 6.1™ sets new standards in court recording

The latest release of For The Record’s court recording and management software, FTR Gold™ 6.1 builds on its proven track record with robust reliability and powerful functionality providing confidence and ease when it matters most.

Users can now expect even more from FTR Gold with more than 130 improvements and powerful new workflow features including:

  • An updated easy-to-use interface, and new installer and updater including the ability to silently install and deploy the FTR Gold™ Recording Suite which will uninstall previous versions of FTR Reporter™ and the FTR Gold™ Recording Suite
  • Fast recording start-up, ambient noise threshold controls, and automatic alerts for low level recordings and loss of signal detection providing recording confidence.
  • Remote control to monitor and control one or more recording environments from a single PC on your network.
  • Improved integration with case management systems and increased compatibility with a wider range of networked and USB audio interfaces.
  • Added assistance to better manage and provide access to recordings with configurable save destinations to suit multi-jurisdictions and archiving in line with relevant retention policies.

All of this is backed up by FTR Gold’s eight-channel high fidelity audio and four-channel HD video recording. Learn more.

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