Independent arbiter will set the record straight on Qld courts contract

The company responsible for recording and transcribing Queensland court proceedings has today called for a full and open investigation into the awarding and operation of its contract.

Auscript Australasia Managing Director Peter Wyatt made the call in response to a campaign of misrepresentation about the company and its work.

Speaking from his office in the United States, where Auscript’s Queensland-owned parent company provides recording services to around 17,000 courtrooms across the USA, Mr Wyatt said he was very keen for an independent arbiter to set the record straight.

“Auscript was awarded this contract after the most rigorous competitive tender process we have ever been involved in,” Mr Wyatt said.

“A report prepared by an independent probity consultant found that Auscript was by far the superior bidder in the tender process, scoring 81 per cent compared with just 23 per cent for the nearest competitor, with all other bidders failing to score.

“Our tendered cost per annum was $8 million per year, compared with $19 million for the next lowest competitor. So we were clearly the best and the cheapest tenderer.

“We have saved Queensland taxpayers around $15 million in the first two years in direct costs of operations, and the indirect costs of purchasing and maintaining computer equipment.

“Auscript is delivering faster, better and at less expense to taxpayers than ever before.

“So we thoroughly welcome any investigation by the Auditor-General.

“Because quite frankly, the talented and dedicated people within Auscript who help ensure justice is delivered in Queensland every day are thoroughly sick of the lies and misrepresentation that they are subjected to.

“We want to see the record set straight by an independent and credible investigator.

“All we ask is that when that investigation is complete that its findings are made publicly available, and that those people who are making false claims about my business and my hard-working staff have the guts to stand up and apologise.”

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