For The Record’s leadership team is united by a shared vision to improve access to justice.

Our leaders are experts in their fields of technology, court reporting, audio engineering, justice administration, and business management. They inspire our staff with their understanding of, and commitment to, elevating the capture and management of the court record, and providing unprecedented access to the court record.

Michael G. Rose

Chair of the Board

Mike has over 40 years’ experience transforming companies—and entire industries—with his intuitive and innovative thinking, strategic planning, and marketing expertise. He has a track record of working with government jurisdictions and agencies to enact legislative and organizational change.

His extensive experience and unique perspective have helped both large and small organizations adapt to changing market forces and adopt new technologies. As well as holding corporate CEO and other executive positions for decades, Mike founded his own software and payroll company, which he grew to 11 offices in the US and Canada.

Since joining For The Record in early 2020, Mike has strengthened partnerships with courts around the world, reinforced the leadership team, and overseen the development and launch of remote court recording solutions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic— which enabled justice to continue in jurisdictions in the US and Australia.

Mike is also guiding the vision for the company’s development roadmap to ensure For The Record remains the leader in justice technology innovation.

An image of Tony Douglass, new For The Record CEO.

Tony Douglass

Chief Executive Officer

Tony is widely regarded as a global authority in justice technology solutions and innovation. With a background in forensic/audio enhancement and authenticity analysis, Tony designed and installed some of the world’s first electronic courtrooms more than 25 years ago. Since then, he has continued to revolutionize the way court proceedings are captured, stored, managed, and shared.

Tony is a regular speaker at international industry events organized by bodies such as the National Center for State Courts, the Center for Legal and Court Technology, and the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers.

Tony’s world-firsts at For The Record are many. They include leading a team that patented the first AI multi-speaker identification technology for court recordings; registering patents for securing the integrity of digital justice recordings with blockchain; and conceiving the first web application for managing all aspects of the court recording and transcription process.

Tony has led courtroom technology installations for more than 2,000 courtrooms across four continents.

Ruben Rodriguez

Chief Information Officer

Ruben is a corporate technologist with more than 30 years’ experience helping his clients plan for, integrate, and monitor technology solutions that meet their operational goals. In 2008, Ruben co-founded Ease Entertainment, a company specializing in payroll processing software for the US film and television industry. Ruben stayed on as Chief of Staff, Technology, when Ease was acquired by international production technology company Entertainment Partners in 2015. In this role he was responsible for more than 20 software and cloud-based solutions.

As CIO of For The Record, Ruben advises the executive leadership team about the astute use of technology.

Grazia Lynch

Senior Vice President - Human Resources

Grazia is an HR executive whose 20-year career demonstrates a rare ability to excel across the business spectrum—from building start-up HR departments with smaller outfits to leading HR teams at some of the world’s the largest global media, technology, and entertainment companies. Grazia was previously VP, Human Resources with S&P 500 company Hasbro, where she oversaw Hasbro’s west coast operation. Other major firms she has held HR management or executive positions with include 20th Century Fox, Ease Entertainment, and Deluxe Entertainment Services (a digital technology organization for the entertainment industry.)

A self-described HR generalist, Grazia comes to For The Record with highly regarded skills in recruiting and retaining quality staff; and knowledge and expertise in conflict resolution, policy development, and legal compliance.

Jill O'Rourke

Executive Vice President - Finance & Strategy

During a 16-year career in corporate finance, Jill has held senior executive level positions in many large, internationally recognized companies. Among them, she was the national manager at professional consultancy agency KPMG Australia; Manager of Lending Financial Performance at Suncorp—one of Australia’s largest financial services organizations and an ASX Top 50 company; and Corporate Finance Manager at AVEO—then Australia’s largest and only publicly listed retirement village operator.

Jill rejoined the For The Record Group of companies in 2020 and is leading finance and strategy functions at For The Record. She has since developed comprehensive pricing models, re-engineered monthly reporting suites, and is responsible for ensuring ongoing compliance with all taxation and governance requirements.