The new FTR Touch™ is available

FTR Touch™ is an all-in-one digital court recording device, featuring the latest version of FTR Gold.

This compact, Dell-manufactured unit is designed for courts that need quality without complexity.

With reliable performance, simplified deployment and ease of use, FTR Touch translates to minimal IT support and operator training.

This popular device has undergone a major overhaul based on detailed user feedback.

It features a space-saving design, compatibility with all FTR software, and a kiosk mode for added security.

Courts will gain full flexibility and the highest quality recording by using best-of-breed USB mixers and IP cameras in conjunction with FTR Touch.

The FTR Touch includes:

  • The latest FTR software for recording, annotating, storing and playing back courtroom recordings, including: FTR Gold™, FTR Player™, FTR Manager™, FTR Log Notes™
  • Dell All-in-One touch-screen PC
  • 1 year FTR software support and maintenance
  • 3 year hardware warranty including accidental damage
  • Free delivery within the US