New technologies offer the ultimate in digital court recording security and efficiency

Global leader in digital court recording technology, For The Record (FTR), has this week revealed breakthrough new products bringing new artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies to the court in a world first.

FTR demonstrated an upcoming new release of its flagship recording product – FTR Gold v6, including a fully featured FTR Touch all-in-one recording PC, a world-first FTR blockchain verified recording application, and the company’s next generation unlocking a powerful text based search of digital court recordings.

FTR’s Chief Technology Officer, Tony Douglass said the future is now with the company harnessing recent technological advancements to offer never before seen control for court administrators and a new level of efficiency for court reporters and court users.

“Our latest applications represent a significant leap forward for the industry with one senior judge describing the developments as ‘earth shaking’ and another former court official as ‘game changing’,” Tony said.

“Providing fast and secure access to a complete and accurate court record has always been core to who we are.  We have now brought to the table new technologies that enable court stakeholders to be more effective at their specialty tasks, manage big data, ensure cyber security and operate at unprecedented speed and scale – all requirements of a modern justice system.”

The world-first FTR Verified Recordings solution uses blockchain technology to secure the capture, storage, distribution and playback of case recordings.

“We have deployed blockchain technology to protect the integrity of the digital court record.  This will ensure FTR court recordings are protected and independently verifiable as to their authenticity and integrity.  Court recordings produced with the new technology will be accompanied by a unique encrypted digital signature registered into the blockchain. Whenever those recordings are played back via an FTR online service, such as or FTR Web Player, they will be automatically verified against the FTR blockchain.  The encrypted digital signature can even be independently validated through other blockchain services without compromising any information within the recording.” Tony said.

The latest version of the industry-leading FTR Gold HD recording software (version 6.0) includes a range of new workflow and integration features, new user interface design, easy installer for streamlined installation and upgrades, automatic alerts and enhanced CMS integration with case management systems such as Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey Case Manager for improved user experience.

The revolutionary new uses AI technology to allow users to search for and follow live digital recordings on screen with audio-word sync as well as search for cases and words, and make notes.

For more than two decades, FTR has been at the forefront of digital court recording technology with more than 27,000 installations in 62 countries, with the company now managing the entire digital court recording and reporting lifecycle on behalf of courts across the globe.

These latest breakthroughs demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to fostering a modernised and more accessible justice system, and represent the result of more than six years of research and development and the investment of millions of dollars.