Transform access to the court record with groundbreaking technology—now in the cloud.

For The Record transformed the industry standard in court recording solutions within the courtroom—and we are now elevating the same standard into the cloud.

For The Record’s new Cloud Platform combines three solutions, revolutionizing the way audio and video recordings of proceedings are utilized by judges, court staff, administrators, court reporters, and the public.

Recording Vault, Transcript Express, and Speech-to-Text integrate or work as standalone solutions to securely store, efficiently manage, and deliver access to court recordings and transcripts.

 “Think speed, accuracy, security, and efficiency like never experienced before.”

Recording Vault

Court recording storage, management, and access

Recording Vault simultaneously replicates digital court recordings into the cloud as soon as they are captured; guards them with industry-leading security measures; yet still makes them instantly and easily available to judges and court staff.

Transcript Express

Transcript management and ordering

As the world’s first and only fully automated system for managing, ordering, delivering, and archiving transcripts, Transcript Express has recast and reformed outdated delivery of court recordings and transcripts.


The power of sound and text together

Created specifically for the justice system, For The Record Speech-to-Text syncs a rough draft of up to 94 percent accuracy with time-stamped audio/video recordings—quickly unlocking insights for deeper understanding.

Elevate your courtroom into the cloud

Complete cloud-based solution

Choose a combination, or all three products for a complete cloud-based solution.

Supplier neutral approach

Retain your own vendor systems or processes. Work seamlessly with internal transcript providers, external providers, or a combination of both.

Access for existing users

Access to all Cloud Platform solutions, including Transcript Express and Speech-to-Text, providing the complete package.

For The Record's Cloud Platform Solutions

Building on market-leading, in-courtroom technologies, For The Record is leveraging groundbreaking cloud solutions to help administer justice more effectively and efficiently.