For The Record builds on its 30-year legacy of innovation with the most groundbreaking legal technology yet

For The Record has spent six years developing FTR RealTime specifically for the courtroom. 

Engineers introduced artificial intelligence (AI) from top-tier platforms, such as Microsoft and AWS, to millions of hours of acoustically optimized legal proceedings and gradually refined the output. The highly specialized technology that emerged from this process delivers consistent results—with text generated approximately three seconds after the spoken word and accuracy rates up to 95%.

Overall accuracy rates vary due to several interacting factors, including the underlying AI platform, the audio installation, and the speaker’s accent. For The Record customizes the configuration of the system to ensure precision, security, and access (as selected by the court). 

The automated, speech-to-text service processes dialects, complex legal terminology, and multiple languages. It achieves unprecedented accuracy and speaker identification in real time, without the historically high cost of hiring a specialist to transcribe legal proceedings. 


  • Increased efficiency for judges, lawyers, and/or court-approved participants
  • Reduced cost for real-time transcription
  • Enhanced accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing people participating in legal proceedings

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