The power of sound and text together

For The Record’s Speech-to-Text technology unlocks the insights within the court record quickly, reliably, and compellingly. It provides immediate access to searchable text of up to 95% accuracy synced with time-stamped audio/video recordings.

Created specifically for the justice system, For The Record’s Automated-Speech-Recognition (ASR) accuracy is tested against real court proceedings in real courtrooms. The technology uses the best-available AI-engines, trained by millions of hours of court proceedings. Based on almost 30 years’ experience optimizing digital court recording with patented and proprietary acoustic algorithms that account for dialects, accents, legal terminology, and languages—it’s constantly learning more.

The results are on par with traditional rough drafts, yet at a fraction of the cost—and enhanced with vocal tone, and sentiment through audio and video recordings.

This combination of sound, video, and text enables faster retrieval and deeper understanding, promoting access to justice.


  • Search through audio to instantly pinpoint critical sections
  • Reveal not just what is said but how it’s said—in tone and sentiment
  • Significantly reduce cost and time preparing for next-day proceeding

See how Speech-to-Text can benefit:


  • Focus solely on proceedings
  • Review testimony in court
  • Deliver faster judgments

Attorneys and Litigants

  • Search testimony during proceedings
  • Revise trial strategy in court
  • Discover how something was said—not just what was said

Revolutionary features

  • AI-generated draft is synced to time-stamped court audio and video to provide full sound and sight of what transpired during a proceeding
  • Quickly delivered text allows judges, juries, attorneys, and litigants to focus on what’s transpiring in the court, rather than on note-taking
  • Keyword search eliminates time wasted searching for specific sections in audio and video recordings
  • Text unlocks insights previously inaccessible in the vast amount of information embedded in recorded audio and video files
  • One Speech-to-Text-enabled courtroom can significantly and positively impact strained court resources
  • Efficient costs provide more affordable access to the court record for all users
  • Automatic availability for judges and easy online ordering for court users saves administration time

For The Record Speech-to-Text.

Revolutionary technology available today.

Speech-to-Text is available free for courts using For The Record’s Recording Vault and is part of a suite of cloud-based solutions which work together to increase the efficiency and confidence of participants in the justice system.