Built for law enforcement and victim advocacy centers, using the gold standard in digital recording technology

Interview Recorder allows you to capture, import, playback, annotate, store, and manage recordings of interviews with victims, witnesses, and suspects. 

Interview Recorder has been created to provide absolute simplicity for the user. It comes with a digital superiority informed by For The Record’s experience as the global leaders in justice technology innovations—particularly through FTR Gold—over the past 30 years. 

Innovative AV recording and playback features include multiple audio and video channels that can clearly separate individual speakers and provide visual context and cues to aid investigations. 

For users, the result is an accurate, reliable, and admissible record of interview that is stored securely, and can be easily and quickly located, retrieved, and exported. 

With faster performance, simplified upgrades, and several usability improvements, Interview Recorder is a technically advanced yet simple-to-use interview recording system. 


  • Receive disclosed recordings in a non-proprietary format without the need to reformat
  • House investigator notes as separate files to video recordings, with linked bookmarks to receiving parties—if disclosed
  • Provide receiving parties with ability to create their own recording bookmarks for simple presentation at trial
  • Be assured of high-quality For The Record recordings that enable effective presentation in court

See how Interview Recorder can benefit:


  • Quickly master the easy-to-use system with minimal training
  • Include additional investigators from other locations, who can view live interviews remotely
  • Records every word and gesture with up to four channels of high-fidelity audio and HD video
  • Log Notes and audio and video recording access is for only the interview selected, protecting sensitive information
  • Duplicate all, or portions of, interviews to removable media (such as DVD) or your network, to share with external parties
  • Import field recordings to consolidate them with in-room interviews related to the same case

IT Staff

  • Receive high-quality audio and video recordings in small, manageable file sizes
  • Improve productivity without changing established procedures
  • See live view of interviews remotely
  • Rely on improved installer for automatic upgrades to previous versions, minimizing the need to manually upgrade software

Revolutionary features

  • Recording in a non-proprietary MP4 format provides ease of access on mobile devices
  • Simultaneously recording in multiple file formats
  • Records every word and gesture with up to four channels of high-fidelity audio and HD video
  • Log Notes and audio and video recording access is only for the interview selected, protecting sensitive information
  • Strict privacy controls allow access to audio and video recordings to be set and varied across departments
  • Portable, flexible, and simple setup allows for rapid deployment and minimal administration before commencing interviews
  • Search and retrieve function quickly locates specific portions of interviews to record observations and log notes
  • New licensing enables enterprise-wide rollout
  • User interface is intuitive
  • Case information input enables efficient file search and retrieval

Interview Recorder simplifies the management of law enforcement interview recordings.

With accurate and reliable audio and video, it enhances the accessibility, efficiency, and transparency of police and other government agency interviews, while reducing costs and increasing the overall efficiency of the department.