Sharon Chambers, Auscript's quality assurance officer

Q&A with Auscript’s Quality Assurance Officer

Achieving the highest transcription accuracy rating in the country, with an impressive score of 99.5% is no easy feat!

With Auscript currently undergoing the rigorous ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems recertification this month, we questioned Auscript’s Quality Assurance Officer Sharon Chambers on what it takes to ensure the Company maintains its market leading quality ratings and why quality is so important.


Why is it so important to maintain a quality service and product?

It all comes down to ensuring client satisfaction and that is what we are aiming for in everything we do. Our aim is always to decrease repetitive errors by tracking error trends so that we can develop new processes which eliminate the possibility of that error occurring.

We analyse customer requirements and make continual business improvements to ensure we are meeting our customers’ needs.


What is it you love about your job?

As I’ve been with Auscript for more than six years I love that I’ve been able to see so many of the improvements our team has identified realised. Every day we are working towards implementing positive changes and it’s great to have behind the scenes access as we continually innovate and improve our systems.


What are the main responsibilities of Auscript’s Quality Assurance Department?

The Quality team manage all the quality assurance checks and a range of other functions which include:

  • Checks on the speed and accuracy of our typists
  • Investigating transcript quality queries
  • Conducting company-wide audits on processes
  • Implementing business process improvements
  • Managing the ISO 9001:2008 certification requirements
  • Training new Auscript Audio Transcribers and Court Monitors


What activities do you have to perform to meet ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certification?

We maintain records on all of our internal and external audits and put a major focus on ensuring all departments fulfil their obligations to maintain the certification.

We carry out 35 days of auditing a year to meet ISO requirements, and then the rest of the time we are busy monitoring business processes and implementing business process improvements to guarantee we are producing a high quality product.


What do you do to ensure Auscript maintains its high quality ratings?

We carry out more than 250 checks per month on Auscript’s Audio Transcribers and an additional 120 checks on new trainees to ensure they are maintaining speed and accuracy.

We provide feedback and advice to staff, with a focus on fact finding – not fault finding, to ensure they are continually developing and improving their skills and processes.