FTR Player

Remote control of the record with the new and improved FTR Gold Monitoring Suite

For The Record (FTR) has released the latest version of its FTR Gold Monitoring Suite.

The FTR Gold Monitoring Suite is a solution designed for courts that need to centrally monitor and remotely control proceedings that are being recorded in multiple courtrooms or courthouses.

While each individual courtroom proceeding is captured independently using FTR Reporter, FTR Monitor enables Court clients to remotely control the recording process for multiple rooms from one, central, remote location – anywhere on the network.

With the FTR Gold Monitoring Suite, users can remotely start and stop recordings, monitor audio activity, play back content from specific venues and create electronic log notes while listening to recordings and verifying the quality from each.

It offers the ultimate in control, confidence and convenience with the latest release providing greater flexibility in tracking, securing, accessing and storing recordings.

Updated features delivering benefits to users:

  • New easy installer including the ability to silently install and uninstall previous versions of FTR Monitor and FTR Gold Monitoring Suite
  • Configurable feature within FTR Monitor that allows customers in multiple use courtrooms to select a department/jurisdiction while recording without having to group the recordings within the departmental folders.
  • FTR Player retains the last position of the player and video window.