Audio and recording management

Technology monitoring and management, for reliable court recordings that are stored securely and accessed easily.

We make sure your technology and recordings don’t miss a beat, from start to stop (and with smart, instant storage).  Our proven solutions provide for both centralized and decentralized operations, management, control and remote alerting of court technology systems.

Recording and monitoring services: remote or onsite

Sound checks, signal detection, starting and stopping recordings, metadata capture, real-time monitoring of recording devices, and prompt identification and resolution of issues.

Court technology – technical support and maintenance

Court technology and system support and maintenance; software support and assurance; security patching and anti-virus.

Managed technology environment

An independent, secure and encrypted network connected to standalone, dedicated recording PCs in each courtroom offering the highest levels of security and options for redundancy.

Recording management

Instant audio replication and movement to central storage, sealing of recordings and back-up.

It makes all the difference

Security you can count on

The industry’s highest levels of redundancy and security with a segregated network, sealing of recordings and digital signatures added to recordings in FTR’s cloud-based storage.

Eliminate technical hitches

Resolve unexpected technical issues quickly and ensure system health with a stringent testing regime. Don’t miss a crucial portion of proceedings again.

Conversion, storage and access

Within seconds, we move audio to secure cloud storage – providing instant access for simultaneous audio playback, processing and transcription purposes. We ensure courts convert and store records according to local court rules, so they can locate cases and manage approved access quickly and easily.