Court audio and transcription

Access to court audio and certified court transcripts, with online and on-demand ordering.

With on-demand audio and transcription services, you can experience faster and easier access to court records than ever before.

Free and secure online ordering portals

The safe, smart and user-friendly way to streamline orders and deliver electronic court recordings and court transcripts.

Audio access and search

Easily and conveniently search and listen to electronic court recordings anywhere, anytime, from any device.

On-demand certified transcripts

Choose the transcription service that suits the specific needs and budget of each case and client, including same day and real-time.


AI-generated, searchable audio with words, which boosts the everyday efficiency and productivity of judicial officers, attorneys and court reporters.

New records in convenience

Online ease

Online portals help courts manage orders quickly and easily, improving approvals and reporting – while court users can request, track and receive court transcripts and electronic court recordings on-demand.

Certified court transcripts,

We manage the assignment and production of certified court transcripts, with some of the fastest turnarounds available and guaranteed quality.

Convenient audio playback

Judges, attorneys, parties and other approved users can play back and listen to court proceedings, wherever and whenever.

World-leading court transcription

Our unique workflows, remote teams and technology pave the way for incredibly efficient transcript production – ensuring timely, equal access to justice is not diminished by ever-present budgetary and resource constraints.
We know that timing is everything and offer a range of delivery turnarounds to suit your needs.