Statement regarding the Queensland Courts Court Recording and Transcription Services

Auscript provides the highest quality recording and transcription services to the Queensland Courts.Auscript’s quality assurance systems are accredited to international standards, and Auscript has met or exceeded every accuracy benchmark contained in our contract with Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General. Auscript achieves 99.5% accuracy for all transcripts, this result is measured in accordance with the international quality standard. Many of our personnel worked for the State Reporting Bureau (SRB) under the previous system, and all of our transcribers are highly skilled and regularly assessed for the accuracy of our work. In addition, we provide a contact point on every transcript to allow clients to provide feedback and request reviews if they have any concerns.  This service is constantly monitored but rarely requested.

We produce transcripts on request, and have constantly met or exceeded every performance standard for delivery under our contract.

Since the outsourcing of Court recording and transcription services to Auscript there has been numerous and significant improvements in service delivery, whilst at the same time saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Under the previous SRB model the cost of a transcript to the State was on average $20 per page, under the Auscript model this cost has reduced by 45% to only $11 per page.

Further, under the previous model the average time to deliver a transcript was 13.6 days under the new Auscript model the average days to deliver a transcript is 4.65 days to the Court and 3.17 days to the parties. All trial transcripts are delivered on the same day.

Auscript understands that the State Government’s decision to implement a more cost-effective transcription service may not please everyone, however Auscript is very much focused on delivering great results for Queensland taxpayers and the legal system.

Auscript and its associated businesses are the recognised world leaders in court transcription technology and services and Record Holdings, Auscript’s parent company has recently been named among Australia’s top 50 innovators for its world-leading court-reporting technology.

Please refer to Queensland-based court service and technology firm named among Australia’s top innovators