This competition is operated by Auscript Limited, a company duly incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom and with the registered address of Eversheds House, 70 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M1 5ES and relates to a prize involving the services and products of its related body corporate, FTR Pty Ltd (herein us or we).  We may be contacted about this competition by emailing us at

You agree that you are submitting an entry into the competition detailed below on behalf of the court you represent (your court).

Entries for this competition will be accepted only on 12th June 2018 during normal business hours.


Correctly answering the question on the entry slip provided to you grants you one valid entry into a random draw to win one courtroom makeover package consisting of:

  1. a consultation with an Auscript technical expert (Consultant) at a mutually convenient time and provision to your court with a recommended tailored Auscript upgrade solution (Consultation) for audio recording technology for one courtroom within your court (Courtroom) within 12 months of such Consultation;
  2. the provision and installation of Auscript hardware and software upgrades pursuant to that recommended tailored solution in the Courtroom (Installation); and
  3. a perpetual software licence to FTR Gold version 6.1.7 (where deemed appropriate by the Consultant),

to the value of 6,000.00 Pounds Sterling, on the terms and conditions further specified below (Prize).


In order to be eligible for entry into this competition, your court must:

  1. be located in the United Kingdom;
  2. have certified CAT5e (or better) installed network cabling to support gigabit-speed LAN connections, with RJ45 terminations at locations required for the FTR AV system components; and
  3. be willing to cooperate with us and the Consultant (including, for example, to grant reasonable access to the Courtroom) to provide the Consultation and Installation.

Only one entry per person will be accepted by us.


The winner of the Prize will be drawn and notified via email on or before 11:59pm AEST 31st July 2018.


Your court must accept the Prize by responding to our email notifying your Court of its winning entry within 7 days of the timestamp on the email.

Your court must redeem the Prize within 6 months of being notified of winning by scheduling and conducting the Consultation.


The Consultation will occur at a time mutually convenient for your court and the Consultant, with no sooner than 2 weeks’ notice.  The Consultation will be conducted in a single sitting which will not exceed 7 hours.

During the Consultation, the Consultant is to be granted access to the Courtroom and technical staff knowledgeable in the operations of your court’s courtrooms with respect to the recording of audio.

Among other relevant considerations, the Consultant will assess the existing audio recording and infrastructure installed in the Courtroom and provide a list of recommended upgrades to existing technology and equipment used in the Courtroom for the Installation.

You agree that the Consultant has full discretion with regards to the recommendations to be implemented in the Installation.


In accordance with the Consultant’s recommendations arising from the Consultation, we will install the recommended court recording software and hardware at a time agreed between your court and us.  This is likely to include FTR microphones, a mixer, and an FTR Touch device, depending on the specific infrastructure and requirements of the Courtroom.

You acknowledge and agree that:

  1. For the Installation to service your court effectively, installation of supporting infrastructure such as computer brackets, cabling and cabling covers, etc, may be required in addition to what is already in place at the Courtroom.  This is your court’s responsibility.
  2. Where the audio recording equipment and software installed in the Courtroom depends on third party hardware, software or other equipment (other than any third party hardware or equipment incorporated into a previous solution provided by Auscript for the Courtroom) or interoperates with same, we cannot guarantee the functionality of same or interoperability of same with the upgrades provided in the Installation and we are not liable for any failure to record audio.

Sufficient time must be allowed for any work undertaken to conduct the Installation.  Use of any software installed is governed by the terms and conditions as referenced in the relevant software application.

Product warranty and support

The provision of hardware under the Installation is subject to a 12 month product replacement or repair warranty (at the election of us) from the date of installation.

The provision of any software upgrades under the Installation is subject to 12 months of technical helpdesk support provided by us during business hours and otherwise on the terms of standard FTR Support Terms & Conditions.  In order to provide support, your court may be required to provide remote access to the audio technology via the Internet.

Your court remains responsible for all firmware updates.


Where your court:

  1. does not respond to our email identifying your court as the winner of the Prize within the time specified above;
  2. does not redeem the Prize within the time specified above; or
  3. does not, for any reason whatsoever, meet the eligibility requirements specified above,

you agree that we may redraw the Prize and offer it to another valid entrant.

Your warranty to us

By entering your court into this competition, you warrant to us that:

  1. you are over the age of 18; and
  2. you are duly authorised to accept any prize from us on behalf of your court on the terms and conditions contained in this document.

Privacy notice

Submission of your entry to the competition requires the collection by us of the personal data you submit with that entry.  We collect your personal data pursuant to your consent below, in order to facilitate your entry into the competition.  Your personal data collected for the purpose will be retained by us pursuant to this consent only for the duration of the competition.

This collection is governed by our privacy policy, which is available at  Our privacy policy contains information on how we use the personal data we collect, and what rights you have in respect of your personal data collected by us.

You may also contact our Data Protection Officer about any queries you may have regarding our collection of your personal data by emailing or via telephone on +44 (0)3301 005223.

To be entered into the competition, you must consent to our collection of your personal data by ticking the below box that will be on your entry form.

□ Yes, I agree to my personal data being collected for the purpose of processing my entry into the competition as described above.

You may withdraw your consent at any time and request that we delete your personal data collected under this consent, however, your entry will not be accepted by us.  You may also contact us on the details above to request access to, and rectification of, your personal data.  You are entitled to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office in respect of our handling of your personal data.