Make the most of your investment with ease and confidence

Make the most of your For The Record digital court recording system with our online, self-paced product training.

Whether you have new employees, your organization is upgrading to a new version of software, or your team simply needs a refresher, For The Record’s E-Learning is an easy way to get users up-to-speed, confident, and in control of your digital recording system.

E-Learning courses are available via the Adobe Captivate Prime platform—a browser-based learning management system that allows users to experience customized and engaging learning experiences from blended interactive and static courses.

The courses cover all aspects of the FTR Gold product suite, such as how to record court sessions; create log notes; insert quick notes for common occurrences; save copies of recordings; and reformat and encrypt FTR recordings.

Deliver record results through:

  • A mix of static and interactive online courses
  • Quiz-based challenges throughout to reinforce important concepts
  • Flexible access starting at 30 days
  • Enrollment and completion reporting by courses and users

FTR Gold Recording Suite version 6x and 7 Modules Available

  • Reporter
  • Player
  • Manager
  • Annotation Suite